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The Valarpirai Racing Pigeon Club (VRPC) is the premier organisation that represents the sport of pigeon racing in Tuticorin, situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, India., for over 25 years. VRPC encourages and helps all the people to be a part of racing pigeon fraternity. VRPC gives full support to young and new pigeon fanciers who love the art of pigeon racing and assist them in all possible ways to be a successful racing pigeon fancier. You can contact us anytime and we shall help you letting you know about this sport and membership details.

welcome_pegionPigeon racing is an mix of art and science. Today, pigeon racing is a sport for the whole family in a highly social environment. It combines animal husbandry with the natural desire for competition. Pigeon racing is considered as one of the greatest hobby that gives you immense pleasure and much responsibility and helps you to live a disciplined life.

VRPC is looking for sponsors and encourages noble and nature loving minds, business organisations to help and sponsor us so that we can take this sport to the technically advanced next generation pigeon racing.

Thank you for visiting our official home page. We hope that you enjoy this website and learning about the fancy. Please feel free to contact us to find more about the wonderful sport of Pigeon Racing and learn how you can help and support VRPC to save this amazing sport.


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Winner "Anbu Raj"
No of Days:15 Days
Fancier:I. Anbu Raj
Nagpur Tuticorin 1673 kms